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  • The World Time System based on the Greenwich Meridian - Longitude Zero (GMT) is introduced for the first time in Canada and in the United States, due to the increasing development of the railway traffic, where the time difference when traveling becomes more and more noticeable.
  • Walter Vogt, a Swiss watchmaker and later founder of Fortis, is born.
  • First application of the Unification of the Hour and Minute, by the division of the United States into four time zones, having a difference of 5, 6, 7 and 8 hours with the Greenwich meridian. The same system was subsequently adopted, notably for railway service, by all the States of Europe, except Spain, France, Norway, Portugal and Russia, and by Japan.
  • The Aurora Watch Co. in Aurora, Illinois is founded
  • The New Haven Watch Co. in New Haven, Connecticut is founded
  • The Seth Thomas Watch Co. in Thomaston, Connecticut is founded
  • The Cheshire Watch Co. in Cheshire, Connecticut is founded