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Adrien Brandt (1882-1955) played a significant role in the Omega watch factory's history, leading the company following the death of his father and uncle while just 20 years old.

Adrien Brandt was born in 1882 in Bienne, Switzerland. His life took an unexpected turn when he lost his father, Paul-Louis Brandt, and uncle, Louis-César Brandt, at a young age. This tragedy forced him to step up and manage the Omega factory alongside his brother, Paul E. Brandt, and cousin, Gustave Brandt, when he was only twenty. His education at the Neuchâtel Business School equipped him with the skills he needed to navigate the business world.

Brandt's role at Omega focused on administration, while his brother handled technical and manufacturing matters. He also served as the chairman of the Board of Directors from 1914, overseeing the company's operations and contributing to its growth. Adrien Brandt was known for his strong and resolute personality. He faced challenges with courage and determination, which contributed to Omega's success. His authority, loyalty, and social awareness played a pivotal role in shaping the company's path.

Adrien Brandt's influence extended beyond Omega. He founded and presided over the Swiss Watch Industry Society and held the position of president at the La Centrale watch case factory. He was also the managing director and vice-president of Chs. Tissot & Fils in Le Locle, and he served as a director at Lemania Watch Co. in L'Orient. His impact was felt in many other industrial enterprises as well.

He actively participated in various cultural and public utility organizations. He was a member of the Council of the Institute of Industrial Organization at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and served as a member of the Federal Factory Commission until 1939. Additionally, he contributed to the Swiss Rotary Club as a governor.

Adrien Brandt's passing in 1955, just a few months after his brother Paul E. Brandt, marked the loss of a significant figure in Swiss watchmaking and a highly competent leader for Omega. His legacy lives on through the continued success of the Omega watch manufacturer and his extensive contributions to Swiss industry.