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César Schild-Krebs (1878-1936) was a prominent Swiss businessman and watchmaker who made a significant contribution to the watchmaking industry during his lifetime, serving as director and president of A. Schild and the first vice-president of the board of directors of Ebauches SA.


Schild-Krebs was known for his extensive experience in the business world and his strong personality, which made him a respected figure in the watchmaking community. He served as the chairman of the delegation of Ebauches S.A. and was a delegate to the Swiss Chamber of Watchmaking for almost 20 years.

On May 8, 1936, Schild-Krebs passed away suddenly at the age of 58 due to apoplexy. His death was a significant loss to the various bodies of Ebauches S.A. and the watchmaking organizations, which he had supported with his expertise and advice over the years. Schild-Krebs was deeply appreciated by his colleagues, who remembered him as a kind and amiable person.

His funeral, which took place on May 12, was attended by a massive crowd, highlighting the high regard in which he was held in the local community. Schild-Krebs' loyal and conciliatory character was well-respected and his death was deeply regretted.

Despite his untimely passing, Schild-Krebs' contributions to the watchmaking industry and his legacy continued to live on, inspiring future generations to follow in his footsteps.