Hermann Obrecht

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Hermann Obrecht was a Swiss politician who served his country in various capacities throughout his career. He was born in 1882 in Grenchen and studied at the local teacher training school before becoming a primary school teacher. He then went on to work for the Soleure state government as a secretary in the department of finance, before eventually becoming the director of the newly created Solothurner Zeitung newspaper.

Obrecht's career in politics began in 1909 when he was appointed as a counselor of the Soleure canton government and put in charge of the finance department. He later resigned from this position in 1917 to work as a lawyer with his brother in Soleure.

In addition to his legal work, Obrecht was also active in the watchmaking sector, serving as the president of several companies including A. Michel, Ebauches SA in Neuch√Ętel and the ASUAG. He was also a member of the board of directors and commission for the Swiss Bank Corporation.

In 1935, Obrecht was appointed to the Federal Council of Switzerland, taking over the position of the outgoing councilor Schulthess. During his time in office, Obrecht focused much of his efforts on preparing Switzerland's economy for the possibility of war, a task which he dedicated much of his energy to. Despite facing constant demands, proposals, and criticisms from some vocal parliamentarians who claimed to know better than the government officials, Obrecht persevered, using his vast knowledge and experience to guide Switzerland through the early months of World War II.

He eventually resigned from his position in government due to these political pressures as well as his failing health. Hermann Obrecht died on September 26, 1936.