Fritz Cosandier

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Fritz Cosandier was technical director of Zenith in the tumultuous period between 1925 and 1933, when Jämes Favre took over the company from founder Georges Favre-Jacot.

Fritz Cosandier was from La Chaux-de-Fonds, though he was also noted to be originally from La Sagne. He joined Georges Favre-Jacot's thriving factory in 1900, shortly after the development of the movement that gave the firm its name, Zenith. He would have been familiar with Favre-Jacot's nephew, Jämes Favre, who joined the firm a few years earlier.

In 1910, Jämes Favre formed a new firm with Raoul Goetschmann and Fritz Cosandier. Called Montres de Précision Zenith, it was a Société Anonyme and set the stage for the ouster of Favre-Jacot from his company the following year.