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The second-generation 57GS Grand Seiko was produced by Suwa Seikosha for Seiko from 1963 until 1968. Replacing the original Grand Seiko, the 57GS became a lower-end model with the introduction of the stylish Daini-produced Grand Seiko 44GS and automatic Grand Seiko 62GS in 1966.

The 57GS was Suwa Seikosha's second iteration of the Grand Seiko ideal and remains a classic today. It was released as a 1964 model, and that is the date favored by writers today. The "Self Dater" features wide lugs that make the watch look and wear larger, though it lacks the finesse of the Grand Seiko 44GS that followed in 1967. Indeed, Seiko has issued "remakes" of this watch in 2013. Most used stainless steel for the case, though some were gold plated.

The 57GS contained a new 35 jewel movement oscillating at 18,000 or 19,800 A/h, depending on complications. This was an evolution of the 3180 movement but with a calendar function added.

There were two 57GS models:

  • 430/5722A - Date only, 18,000 A/h, chronometer rated, lion case back
  • 5722B - Day/date, 19,800 A/h, not chronometer rated, Grand Seiko case back

The 57GS was produced in stainless steel (5722-9990/9991, 27,000 Yen), gold filled (5722-9011/9991, 33,000 Yen), or solid 18k gold (5722-9000, 130,000 Yen). Each case was slightly different. Numerous dial variations were produced as text and logos changed.

The 57GS was the only Grand Seiko model available in 1966 and early 1967, when the 44GS and 62GS were introduced. It was removed from the catalog after volume 2, 1968, indicating end of production if not end of sale. Some references give a 1969 date for the end of sale.


In 2014, Seiko commemorated the 50th anniversary of the "Self Dater" with tribute models. Three Spring Drive Grand Seiko models were produced in a modern 40 mm case inspired by the original, SBGA103, SBGA105, and SBGA107 (silver, blue, and champaign/platinum, respectively). Additionally, two 37 mm Grand Seiko quartz models, SBGV009 and SBGV011 (silver and black dials, respectively) were launched. Being quartz and Spring Drive watches, these are produced by Seiko Epson in the same factory as the original Grand Seiko 57GS, unlike most Grand Seiko models.

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Manual winding movement
Certified Chronometer
35 jewels


Stainless steel with gold plating or platinum
Screw-on case back, water resistant to 50 m


Applied indexes


5722A - Hours, minutes, central seconds, date
5722B - Hours, minutes, central seconds, day, date


Production: 1963-1968