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Harwood is a Swiss watch brand.

This watch manufacturer is based on the name and inventions of the English engineer John Harwood (who developed an automatic winding for wristwatches), and is now owned by the owners of Fortis.

As of 2000, the modern Harwood offered a numbered, limited edition re-creation of the original, including the rotating bezel used to set the time.


Harwood Watch Co.
Hr. Mark Branschi
Lindenstr. 45
CH-2540 Grenchen
Tel. 0041/32 6520089
Fax 0041/32 6525942

Harwood Vertrieb Deutschland
Peter Peter Team GmbH
Hr. Einhard Barkhausen
D-31157 Sarstedt
Tel.0049/5066 9021866
Fax 0049/5066 9021829