Jules-Samuel Jéquier

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Jules-Samuel Jéquier (1836?-1915) was a watchmaker and politician in Fleurier.

Jules-Samuel Jéquier was born around 1836.

In addition to his work as an industrialist and watchmaker, Jéquier was also interested in public affairs. He was president of the School of Watchmaking for many years, one of the founders of the Consumer Society, and chairman of the board of directors of a local match factory. He was the last Fleurisan survivor of the Neuchâtel carabinieri who campaigned on the Rhine in 1856. Finally, Mr. Jéquier was a founding member of the independent church of Fleurier, where he held from the beginning the functions of member of the council and former of the Church.

His son Charles Jéquier-Borle replaced him in many of his civic functions in 1909. His son Paul Jéquier took over Jules-Samuel's work in watchmaking, including management of the Fleurier Watch Co, along with his brother Charles.

Jéquier died on February 16, 1915 in Fleurier.