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The Othenin-Girard family fame from France, moving to Le Locle and the Jura region and becoming involved in watchmaking in the 19th century. Many of the family members simply used the name "Girard". Although there were dozens of members of the Othenin-Girard family engaged in the trade by the middle of that century, Constant Othenin-Girard, founder of Girard-Perregaux, is best remembered today.

  • François-Julien Othenin-Girard (1780-1846) married Marie-Madeline Haury (1787-1856)
    • Constant Othenin-Girard (September 28, 1825-1903) married Marie Perregaux (1831-1912)
      • Louis-Constant Othenin-Girard (1856-1945) married Jeanne-Amanda Gallet (1856-1913)
      • Henri-Maurice Othenin-Girard (1858-1917) married Marie-Madeline-Amélie Richaud
      • Marie Othenin-Girard (1863-1936) married Georges Breitmeyer (1860-1889)
      • Francoise Othenin-Girard (1867-1924) married Henri Vuillet
      • Numa Paul Othenin-Girard (1868-?)
    • Numa Othenin-Girard (1821-1891) married Caroline Ducommun-dit-Boudry (1829-1875)