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Schild & Co was a watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds formed to take over production of the Hebdomas watch. The company was established by Otto Schild, son of Eterna founder Urs Schild. Schild & Co was organized as a Société Anonyme in 1930 and merged with Cristal Watch in 1956.


Schild & Co SA

  • 1930, May 22 - Schild et Co., Société Anonyme, is registered as a public limited company with headquarters at Rue du Parc 137 in La Chaux-de-Fonds; the company acquires the assets of "Schild et Co., manufacture des montres Octava, Hebdomas et Orator", for 525,000 francs; the new company officially began on June 1, 1930 with share capital of 100,000 francs; the directors are president Alphonse Blanc, secretary Dr. Arnold Bolle, and Charles Jeanneret; Otto Schild is director, and André Montandon and Max Schild are managers
  • 1937, August 18 - Werner Schild and Hélène Sommer are added to the board of directors
  • 1942, January - Leon-Bernard Schild is given power of attorney
  • 1942, July 15 - Share capital is increased from 100,000 francs to 200,000 francs; director Otto Schild is appointed managing director; Dr. Max Huber is authorized to sign; Max Schild's power of attorney is extinguished
  • 1946, April 9 - Charles Jeanneret is removed from the board of directors; Werner-Joseph Schild becomes director
  • 1950, March - Léon Schild is appointed as director
  • 1950, December - André Montandon is removed
  • 1952, September - Hélène Sommer is removed

Cristal Watch

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  • 1956, July - Henri Vermot is appointed administrator with signature of two as Cristal Watch takes over
  • 1960, October - Henri Vermot becomes sole administrator
  • 1960, November - President Alphonse Blanc and administrator Dr. Arnold Bolle are removed as directors; Otto Schild is demoted from executive director to director; Henri Vermot is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 1961, May - Léon Schild is removed
  • 1961, October - Following his death, Otto Schild is removed leaving Henri Vermot as sole director and administrator
  • 1962, December - A new board of directors is appointed, consisting of president Martin Widmer, director Werner Schild, and deputy director Henri Vermot
  • 1963, November 1 - Cristal Watch is dissolved and merged into Schild & Co
  • 1964, May 29 - Schild SA is established; share capital is increased from 200,000 to 600,000 to pay creditors and compensate the owners of Cristal Watch; Werner Schild has resigned as a director; the board of directors is composed of president Martin Widmer, vice president Beat Tanner, and managing director Henri Vermot