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The "Seikomatic 5" 6100 series was a family of mechanical watch movements from Seiko in the 1960's and 1970's.

Produced from 1967 through 1974, the 6100 family was used in many high-end Seiko watches. It was available in both regular 21,600 A/h and high-beat 36,000 versions and both manual winding and automatic versions.

The Hi-Beat 61GS models, introduced in 1968, upstaged the slower 62GS models. That movement was retired in 1969, with the 6100 becoming the high-end Grand Seiko movement. But producing these movements was highly labor-intensive, so Seiko began mechanizing the next year. The 5600 calibre family quickly proved itself for reliability and quartz movements boasted better accuracy, leading to the demise of the 6100 by 1974.

Seiko "resurrected" the 6159A movement in 1975, creating the 6159B for their 600M diver. There is little parts interchange between this later movement and earlier members of the family. It features larger pins to attach the heavier hands of the diver, along with different balance cock and regulating pins similar to the Seiko 4S24.

Winding Speed Model Year Notes
Manual 21600 61A 1968
6102A Date
6110A 1971 Railroad Watch
Automatic 6105A 1968 Quickset date
6105B Quickset date, hacking
6106A, 6106B, 6106C 1967 Day, date, hacking
6109A Day, date, small rotor
6117A 1968 Quickset date, GMT 24 hour
6117B Quickset date, GMT 24 hour, hacking
6118A Quickset date
6119A, 6119B, 6119C 1970 Day, date
6138A, 6138B 1970 Chronograph, hour counter, quickset day and date
6139A, 6139B 1968 Chronograph, hour counter, quickset day and date
36000 6145A 1968 Date, Grand Seiko
6146A 1968 Day, date, Grand Seiko
6155A 1971 Date, Grand Seiko Special
6156A 1970 Day, date, Grand Seiko Special
6159A 1967 Quickset date, Diver 300
6159B 1975 Quickset date, hacking, Diver 600
6185A 1969 Grand Seiko Veri Fine Adjusted
6185B Grand Seiko Veri Fine Adjusted, hacking
6186A 1972 Day, date, Unruhstop, Grand Seiko Veri Fine Adjusted

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Manual winding or automatic


Hours, minutes, central seconds
Optional day and date window
Optional quickset
Optional hacking


Diameter: 12 ligne (27.0 mm), H: 5.25 mm
17 jewels
21,600 A/h
Power reserve: 46 Hours

Production period: