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Tramelan is a Swiss watchmaking town in Canton Berne, about 15 km from Biel. Located on the River Tram it formerly had a German name, Tramlingen, which today is rarely used by the 80-90% French-speaking population. Tramelan is located a short distance downhill from Les Reussilles and is itself directly north of Cortébert. It is linked by rail to Tavannes to the East and Les Breuleux and Le Noirmont to the West.

Tramelan was divided into two municipalities until 1952:

  • Tramelan-Dessus (also called "Tramelan-le-Haut") - the larger area (pop. 3,584 in 1950)
  • Tramelan-Dessous (also called "Tramelan-le-Bas") - the smaller area (pop. 1,440 in 1950)

Although both villages had a large number of watch manufacturers in the 19th century, but the 20th century most had focused on Tramelan-Dessus, including Auguste Reymond, Châtelain, Corona, Loyal, Hoga, Nicolet, Nitella, Record, Silvana, and Spera. Tramelan-Dessous included Béguelin, Fleury Frères, Dorly, and Rila.

Among the well-known resident watch manufacturers counts Auguste Reymond. The eponymous founder hired a apartment 1898 in Tramelan and began to manufacture watches with a handful of watchmakers.

Another well-known manufacturer was the ebauche factory Unitas. During the quartz crisis many workers formerly employed in the watch industry emigrated, so that the population declined.

Another watch manufacturer in Tramelan is Armand Nicolet.