Usine Genevoise de Dégrossissage d'Or

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l'Usine Genevoise de Dégrossissage d'Or (Geneva gold roughing factory) or UGDO is a gold-processing factory in Geneva in operation from 1850 through the 1970s.

The Geneva gold roughing factory was established around 1870 in a former iron forge on the banks of the Rhone river. Built in 1850, the original building was badly damaged by fire in 1899. It was repaired but once again burned in 1915 and was torn down.

The replacement structure was quickly constructed and is one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Geneva. It was a key supplier of gold for watch cases through the 20th century but suffered during the economic crisis of the 1960s and closed in 1970.

Today the former UGDO building is used as an independent alternative cultural center known simply as "l'Usine".

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