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Wyss Frères was established in 1918 in Bienne to produce and sell 8-day watches, including the famous Hebdomas. The company lasted through the 1970s in Grenchen.

Wyss Frères

Brothers Charles and Gustave Wyss established a company known as Wyss Frères on September 27, 1918. The brothers, from Grindelwald in the southern part of Canton Berne, established their company at Fantaisie 4. An earlier company, known as Weiss Frères & Cie. which produced balance wheels, but this was deleted with all assets going to Charles Weiss on May 19, 1919.

By this time, Aubry was already selling the Hebdomas watch, and Wyss soon began producing the same watch. By 1923, Wyss Frères, now listed as Grenchen, were selling the Hebdomas watch as well. The firm lists as its specialties, "Montres 8 jours ancre, balancier visible; Montres de poche, balancier visible; Montres chevalets ou cadran plein, balancier visible; Montres portefeuille; Montres automobile" ("8-day watches, anchor, visible balance; Pocket watches, visible balance; Easel watches or full dial, visible balance; Wallet watches; Automotive watches"). Further, the company boasted of "Prix avantageux.Grande Production." ("Advantageous price.Large production.")

Wyss Frères registered their own patent (number 135789) for a "montre à balancier visible" on November 20, 1928. The company was now listed at Schützengassee 81 in Grenchen.

Octus Watch

On April 4, 1930, Wyss Frères was dissolved, with all assets and liabilities taken on by the firm of Edouard Wyss, Uhrenfabrik Octus (also known as the Octus Watch Factory). This new company was also located on Schützengasse 81 in Grenchen. Most watches used the Octus brand.

Octus produced watches for ladies and men, pocket watches, and jump hour watches, and specialized in clocks for automobiles, baguette watches, 8-day watches, and wallet watches. The company also produced pendulettes and fashionable watches in the 1930s.

In 1947 the company was re-incorporated as simply Octus Watch S.A., removing the Wyss name entirely. Octus remained in operation at least through 1977, though the company was very quiet by the 1970s.