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Cal. 94200 is a specialty high-end manufacture double barrel digital movement produced by IWC since 2018.


IWC has been transitioning to in-house movements since 2000, enhancing the reputation and technical features of their watches. Part of this development includes the production of specialty high-end movements. The Cal. 94000 family is the basis for many of these since its launch in 2011. It uses two mainspring barrels, providing power for complications including a tourbillon and specialty digital time display. This was a departure for the company, which had previously relied on a single barrel design for long power reserve movements but suffered poor isochronism as a result.

Cal. 94200 debuted in 2018 powering the IWC Tribute to Pallweber wristwatch and pocketwatch. In this application, the two mainspring barrels are de-coupled, powering the display and timekeeping separately. This is reminiscent of sister company Jaeger-LeCoultre's Duomètre movement family. The hand wound movement oscillates at 28,800 A/h, unlike most of the Cal. 94000 family, and has a 60 hour power reserve. It has 54 jewels and is made up of 290 components.

This movement gives the Pallweber series its unique time display. Rising hours are shown digitally above a double-wheel rising minutes display at the center. Small seconds are below in the traditional place. It is a large movement, measuring 37.8 mm in diameter though it is just 7.3 mm thick.



Hand winding double barrel digital rising hours and rising minutes manufacture movement


Rising hours (digital) above
Rising minutes (double digital) central
Small seconds below
Hacking seconds


Ø 37.8 mm
Height 7.3 mm
50 jewels
290 components
28,800 A/h
Power reserve 60 hours

Production period:


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