Maître du Temps

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Maître du Temps was an exclusive watch brand founded in 2005 and active through 2014.


Maître du Temps was founded by Steven Holtzman as a collaboration with "masters" of watchmaking, including Roger Dubuis, Peter Speake-Marin, Daniel Roth, and Christophe Claret. In this way it resembled the Harry Winston Opus series as well as the contemporary MB&F effort. Formerly in the watch distribution business, Holtzman established his "Masters of Time" company in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 2005.

Maître du Temps brought together Dubuis, Claret, and Speake-Marin to produce the first offering, Chapter One in 2008. The company has since de-emphasized Dubuis' contribution and removed his name from promotional materials. This was followed by the 2009 Chapter Two (with Speake-Marin and Roth) and 2012 Chapter Three (with Kari Voutilainen and Andreas Strehler). In 2010, Maître du Temps created a round-cased Chapter One Round as well as the Chapter Two Triple Calendar Round in 2013.

The signature feature of all three offerings is a rolling bar for day, date, or day/night indicator above and below the dial. This is used for moon phase, day/night, triple calendar, or second time zone complications.

Maître du Temps watches are manufactured by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier.