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Fritz Huguenin (1847-1917) was the editor of La Fédération Horlogère, the official journal of the Swiss watchmaking federation, a member of many industry groups and associations, and an influential politician.


Fritz Huguenin was born in Le Locle on May 31, 1847. After schooling, Huguenin became a watchmaker in the town, as did most of his peers.

In 1885, Huguenin became secretary of the first association of silver watch case manufacturers in Bienne, the first of many industry groups he would join.

Huguenin founded La Fédération Horlogère in 1885 as well, and lead the publication for the rest of his life. Under his direction it became the official voice of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

In 1891 the Council of Canton Neuchâtel created the Chambre Cantonale du Commerce de l'Industrie et du Travail for La Chaux-de-Fonds and Huguenin was selected to become secretary general. He held this position until 1909, directing the evolution of watchmaking in the city through the transformation from hand work to factories. He also became secretary of the Société Intercantonale des Industries du Jura and, when it was reorganized in 1908 as the Chambre Suisse de l'Horlogerie, Huguenin became the chairman.

An avid promoter of the watchmaking industry in Switzerland, Huguenin was part of the organizing committee of the national exhibitions, starting with Geneva in 1896. He was also called upon by the government as an expert in the industry and consultant when negotiating treaties with other nations.

Fritz Huguenin died on August 10, 1917 following a short illness. Always working, Huguenin had attended a conference on trade just two days before his death.