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Calibre 854 is an automatic watch movement from IWC in the 1960s.

IWC's main automatic movement for the late 1950s, Cal. 853/8531, was updated around 1963 to become this Cal. 854. Although Cal. 853 and earlier IWC automatic movements measured 13 ligne, Cal. 854 was slightly smaller at 12.5 ligne. Once again, a date version was also available, Cal. 8541.

Cal. 854 lasted into the quartz crisis and was the last of its line. From 1975, IWC used a modified Jaeger-LeCoultre movement, Cal. 3254, for higher-end watches and a modified ETA movement, Cal. 375, or a quartz movement for lower-priced models.

Like all previous automatic IWC movements, going back to the original Cal. 81, Cal. 854 features the patented Pellaton winding system.

Cal. 854 was available in 21, 23, and 25 jewel variants. The latter features an excenter winding mechanism with ruby rollers. It is adjusted by means of screws on the balance spokes. Some versions feature hacking seconds.

Date on Cal. 8541 is quick-set by moving the time between 23:45 and 24:00, an unusually quick version of this feature.

The later variants of this movement, marked with the letter "B", feature 23 or 25 jewels.


Automatic movement
Pellaton winding


Hours, minutes, central seconds
Date (Cal. 8541)


12.5 ligne (28.0 mm), 4.85 mm thick
21/23/25 jewels
19,800 A/h
Breguet hairspring
Power reserve 44 hours

Production period:

Predecessor: IWC 853
Successor: IWC 375 (ETA 2892 or IWC 3254 (JLC 889