Louis-Paul Monnet

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Louis-Paul Monnet (1891-1936) was a financier who worked with ASUAG, FIDHOR, and Ebauches SA.

Louis-Paul Monnet was born in 1891.

He was appointed by the Neuchâtel Council of State to become a manager of the Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise in 1928, and served in this position through 1936.

Monnet was committed to the cause of consolidation ant the cartel, and was involved in most such activities at the time. Monnet became involved in [[Ebauches SA in 1930 and served as director through 1936. He was director and member of the steering committee of ASUAG from its founding in 1931 through 1936. He was next selected to be chairman of Fiduciaire Horlogère Suisse (FIDHOR) in 1932 and served there through 1935.

He was also involved in other organizations. From 1931 through 1936 he was director of Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies and the Société d'Apprêtage d'Or these same years. He briefly joined the board of Zénith in 1935 as the company's finances were called into question but this was cut short by his death.

Louis-Paul Monnet died in 1936.