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Paul Berret (1889-1949) was a watchmaker closely associated with the town of Moutier and the Fabrique d'Ébauches Vénus, which he founded in 1924.

Paul Berret was born in Cornol in 1889 and was raised in Delémont, where his father had a wine business. It is said that he had "the Ajoulots' fiery temperament and easy laughter" and hid a serious nature behind an appearance of carelessness.

After his technical studies, Berret became technical director of the important factory, Adolphe Schild S.A. in Grenchen.

On May 1, 1924, Berret came to Moutier to buy the factory of Victor Spozio on rue du Midi. He began production of ebauches there with his brother Jean-Baptiste, and Otto Schmitz. His brother soon left the firm, however.

Vénus joined Ebauches SA in 1928, but Paul Berret continued to operate the factory for decades within the holding company. He oversaw much of the development of advanced chronograph movements for which the company would be known.

Berret was not widely involved in the community but was dedicated to a few organizations. He was said to be a zealous member of the Municipal Fanfare, being an excellent musician himself, and became its president in 1931. He was also a member of the local emulation society and the Alpine Club.

Paul Berret died on November 25, 1949.