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Paul Renggli (1885-1978) was a notable figure in the Swiss watchmaking industry who made significant contributions to the economy and the horological field.

Paul Albert Renggli was born in 1885 and lived to be 92 years of age. His son Pierre Renggli followed (and surpassed) him in various activities, including the leadership of ASUAG.

Paul Renggli began his professional career as a lawyer, practicing at the well-known law firm of Mes Moll and Renggli. However, his passion for industry and innovation led him to explore opportunities beyond the legal realm. In 1931, he assumed a pivotal role in the newly established Société Générale de l'Horlogerie Suisse (ASUAG), serving as a member of its Board of Directors.

In 1935 Renggli was appointed as the president of ASUAG, a position he held through the war. During his tenure, Renggli demonstrated exceptional vision and a deep understanding of the horological landscape, guiding the company through a period of growth and development. He held this position until 1962, exerting his influence over key decisions that shaped the industry's trajectory.

Beyond his role within ASUAG, Renggli held several other influential positions throughout his career. From 1931 to 1938, he served as the director of the Federal Office of Industry, Arts, and Trades, where he played a crucial role in shaping national policies and fostering industrial development.

Renggli's impact extended beyond the boardroom. He was known for his remarkable energy, conciliatory nature, and clear thinking, which helped forge partnerships and collaborations within the watchmaking community. He played an instrumental role in steering the industry through periods of change and adaptation, including the liberalization of its structures.

Paul Renggli died on April 22, 1978 at the age of 92. He was survived by his children, Mrs. François Kohler-Renggli, Mrs. Fritz Haag-Renggli, and Pierre Renggli-Bonsack.