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Pierre Renggli (1926-) was chairman of ASUAG from 1972 through its merger with SSIH in 1983.

Pierre Renggli was born on July 14, 1926, in Bienne. Renggli completed his primary and secondary studies in his native town before attending the universities of Bern and Paris. A doctor of law and a lawyer, he took an early interest in watchmaking. His father, Paul Renggli, had followed a similar career trajectory and was president of ASUAG from 1935 through 1962.

At just 26 years of age, Pierre Renggli was named sales manager for the Fabriques d'Assortements Réunies, and he became vice-director ten years later. In the autumn of 1968, Renggli became the main collaborator of Théodore Renfer, with the rank of director, at ASUAG, and was his presumed heir. Among his many mandates are the Central Committee of the Swiss Chamber of Watchmaking, the Board of Directors of Ebauches SA, the Committee of the Society for the Development of the Swiss Economy, the Presidency of General Watch Co., of Pierres Holding, of the United Balance Factories and of the United Hairspring Factories Management Committee.

Mr. Pierre Renggli did not confine himself to familiarizing himself with watchmaking problems while carrying out his daily duties. Many times he traveled the world and did valuable internships at the hotspots. In 1966, he was in the USA. For six weeks, he took courses in administrative organization at Columbia University, New York. Shortly afterwards, he studied in depth the various aspects of the watch market in the United States: numerous contacts with the WOSIC, the main importers of Swiss watches, American watch manufacturers, those in charge of the repair department, etc.

From the USA, Mr. Pierre Renggli goes down to Central and South America. Quick overview. However, it allows the director of ASUAG to see everything worth seeing, in particular the information centers in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, the watchmaking school in Bogota and the main importers. Barely returned from the Americas, Mr. Pierre Renggli left for Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Japan is the main goal of the trip. However, the ASUAG envoy also stops in a dozen other countries.

Pierre Renggli succeeded Théodore Renfer as chairman of ASUAG in 1972. He oversaw the transition from mechanical to quartz watches as well as the consolidation of the Swiss industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Renggli finally saw the merger of ASUAG and SSIH and the ensuing struggle that lead to the creation of the Swatch Group in the 1980s.

Pierre Renggli married Claire-Lise Bonsack and was formally known using the hyphenated surname, Renggli-Bonsack.