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The 900 is an automatic chronograph by Sinn produced since 2004. It was initially marketed as a field watch but transformed into a pilot's watch by 2011.


The expedition watch model 900, beneath a second timezone, presents many time-based units on the smallest space.

Seen from the outside to the inside, the following data can be read or set:

  • By the 24-hour scale and the yellow UTC hands: the day and night hours of a day.
  • By the UTC hands in conjunction with the ordinary hours hand and the sun: the north direction can be determined.
  • The pilot's bezel - bidirectional rotating via the crown at 10 o'clock - allows direct, minute-precise reading of time intervals up to one hour. Average speeds between 65 and 600 km/h can be displayed with the help of a universal hour scale with base 1. This scale also allows to convert any units to their average per hour, for example the piece numbers of a production process.
  • Units per minute like pulse or respiratory rate are measured with an analog designed scale with a base 15. The average value per minute can be read directly, when the time for 15 strokes, breaths or any other countable size is stopped.
  • The red telemeter scale measures the distance of a sound source from ones own site, for example, the distance of a thunderstorm area, using the time difference between lightning and thunder.
  • At stop-minutes and hours counter, on the basis of an average walking pace of 5 km/h, traveled distances up to 60 km can be read.

To make the Sinn 900 an adequate companion for auto testers and tour friends, Sinn engineers have engraved on the caseback the tire/speed indices and the most important conversion scales for European and American units, such as liters/100 km in miles/gallon.

In 2009, Sinn introduced the 900 Pilot, a variant on the 900 with an inner pilot's watch bezel using a crown at 10:00. The solid caseback on the Pilot features an English/metric conversion chart. The Pilot model has magnetic resistance to 80,000 A/m. All non-pilot versions were retired by 2011, shortly after a PVD-coated "Pilot S" was added. A DIAPAL version was added in 2013 with the same pilot's watch bezel.


  • Sinn 900 Hummer (2010)
  • Sinn 900 (2004-2011) - Multifunction inner bezel and dial, TEGIMENT case
  • Sinn 900 Pilot (2009-present) - Pilot's inner bezel, applied markers, TEGIMENT case
  • Sinn 900 Pilot S (2010-present) - Pilot's inner bezel, applied markers, black coated TEGIMENT case
  • Sinn 900 DIAPAL (2013-present) - DIAPAL movement, date only, TEGIMENT case, anthracite dial


Mechanical chronograph movement Valjoux 7750 with UTC 24h module, 28,800 A/h
Nivarox-1 hairspring, Glucydur balance wheel, Beryllium plateau
Mainspring Nivaflex 1, Incabloc shock protection
Shock proof according to DIN 8308
Antimagnetic according to DIN 8309


Stainless steel, DIN material no. 1.4435, tegimented to 1200 HV (surface hardness in Vickers), satin-finished
D 44 mm, H 15.5 mm
Sapphire crystal
Integrated magnetic field protection up to 80.000 A/m (or 100 mT)
Screw-in stainless steel caseback. Screw-in crown
Pushers with integrated pusher protection
Gaskets of crown and pushers are made of a material with high chemical resistance used in vacuum technology and chemistry
Dry capsule
Waterproof to 20 atm
Safe below atmospheric pressure


Black mat, hour indexes covered with inactive white luminous paint
Fine minute scale
Telemeter scale and direction information in red
Tachymeter scale
Pulsometer scale
March odometer indication in daylight color
Inner bezel with minutes and 24 hours graduation in daylight color, with luminous triangle


Hours and minutes hand covered with inactive white luminous paint
Seconds hand and stop hand white
UTC hands covered with yellow daylight color


Hours, minutes, small seconds with hacking seconds
Chronograph: 12 hours counter, 30 minutes counter, 60 seconds counter
Date indication
Tachymeter scale from 65 to 600 km/h
Pulsometer scale and breath counter from 16 to 200/min.
Rotating inner bezel with 60 minutes division with luminous triangle and 24 hours subdivision (2nd time zone)
Display of the north direction by Sun or hour hand and arrow pointer or by a second timezone (with bezel)
Telemeter up to 20 km
March odometer up to 60 km
Conversion scale for European and American troops on the ground: Temperature: degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit
Fuel consumption: Liter/100 km in miles per gallon (mpg)
Speed: Kilometer per hour in miles per hour (mph)
kPressure: MPa in kilo pound per square inch (ksi)
Tire pressure: bar in pound per square inch (psi) and speed indexes for car tires.


Black cowhide leather strap with satin-finished stainless steel clasp or fine-membered satin-finished stainless steel bracelet, tegimented


3 years