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The Val-de-Travers is a valley in Canton Neuchâtel in eastern Switzerland. It is located along the French border, between Le Locle to the north, Boudry and the Val-de-Ruz to the east, and the Jura Nord Vaudois of Canton Vaud to the south.

Important watchmaking towns in the Val-de-Travers include:

As soon as, coming from Neuchâtel, you will have passed the village of Noiraigue, at the foot of the steep rocks of La Clusette, your eyes, after the understandable interest they will have shown in the wild gorges of the Areuse gorges, will be charmed by the contrast that the verdant Val-de-Travers will offer them, suddenly discovered in the frame of its imposing fir forests. From Travers, the view extends over the whole valley, the nostalgic memory of which remains so faithful to all those who have seen it once. The val that Jean-Jacques Rousseau sang of is truly beautiful...before denying it! How peaceful they are, these villages whose names are scattered like a sweet string: Couvet, Môtiers, Boveresse, Fleurier, Buttes, Saint-Sulpice, Les Verrières, Les Bayards, La Côte-aux-Fées... These villages whose houses, grouped around the old bell tower, seem to bask in the sun...

How restful these emerald meadows dotted with flowers are. And how grandiose is the beauty of these rocks which, in the background of Fleurier, mount a vigilant guard and protect the city!