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The General Watch Holding Co. Ltd. was founded on February 18, 1970 to unite seven of the largest Swiss manufacturers of watches under ASUAG. The initial members were Certina, Edox, Eterna, Mido, Oris, Rado, and Technos. Together, these firms represented 10% of the Swiss watchmaking market with 300 million francs of revenue.

When it was founded, 60% ownership of General Watch Co. went to ASUAG with the remaining 40% owned by shareholders of the seven companies. Other companies were added through the 1970s. In 1971, Théodore Renfer retired, turning chairmanship of General Watch (and other ASUAG entities) over to Pierre Renggli.

Although it was unrelated to the previous General Watch Company, La Générale of Reconvilier, General Watch Co. took over the trademarks and logo of that company in 1971.


  • Certina, Kurth Frères SA (joined 1970, still part of Swatch Group)
  • Edox Era Watch Co. Ltd. (joined 1970, merged with Technos in 1977)
  • Eterna SA (joined 1970, spun out after 1984)
  • Mido, G. Schaeren et Cie SA (joined 1970, still part of Swatch Group)
  • Oris SA (joined 1970, spun out after 1978)
  • Rado Schlup et Cie SA (joined 1970, still part of Swatch Group)
  • Technos, Gunziger Frères SA (joined 1970, merged with Edox in 1977)
  • Auguste Reymond S.A. (Brands: Arsa, Damas and Hoga) (spun out after 1977)
  • Atlantic S.A (joined in 1974?, spun out after 1977)
  • Diantus (joined by 1974, defunct)
  • Dynasty (joined by 1974, defunct)
  • Endura (joined by 1974, still part of Swatch Group, private label brand)
  • Hamilton (Still part of Swatch Group)
  • Longines (joined by 1974, still part of Swatch Group)
  • Microma (acquired in 1978, defunct)
  • Roamer (spun out)
  • Rotary Watches (joined in 1973, spun out after 1982)