Grand Seiko 61GS

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The 61GS was the flagship Grand Seiko model from 1968 until 1975. Produced by Suwa Seikosha for Seiko, the 61GS with its Hi-Beat movement upstaged the dowdy Grand Seiko 62GS, then just over 2 years old. That model was quickly phased out, along with the Grand Seiko 57GS which had continued in production from 1963. This made the 61GS the key model in a 3-watch Grand Seiko line, along with the hand-wound Daini-produced Grand Seiko 45GS and ladies' Grand Seiko 19GS.

Unlike the 62GS, which had a flush-mounted crown at 4:00, the 61GS returned to a more traditional "GS" marked crown at 3:00. One reason for this new crown is that the new Seiko 6100 movement could be hand wound.

It featured a "Seiko Style" case influenced by the 44GS but with day and date windows as options. Powered by the Seiko 6100 movement, the 61GS boasted accuracy and technical excellence that rivaled the best Swiss watches. The 61GS remained in production until 1975, when the advent of quartz watches threatened the high-end mechanical watch market. In 1974 and 1975, only the "V.F.A." models remained available.


"Very Fine Adjusted" ("V.F.A.") models boasted accuracy of one minute per month for the first two years of ownership.

There were seven 61GS models:

  • 6145A (1968-1970) - GS standard official approval, date only
  • 6146A (1968-1970) - GS standard official approval, day/date
  • 6185A (1969-1972) - V.F.A., date only
  • 6155A (1970-1973) - GS Special standard official approval, date only
  • 6156A (1970-1973) - GS Special standard official approval, day/date
  • 6185B (1972?-1975?) - V.F.A., date only
  • 6186B (1972-1975) - V.F.A., day/date

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Self-winding movement Seiko 6100
25 jewels


Stainless steel with gold plating


Applied indexes


61x5 - Hours, minutes, central seconds, date
61x6 - Hours, minutes, central seconds, day, date