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Sonceboz is a small village in the Saint-Imier Valley in Switzerland. Located on the crossroads between Saint-Imier, Tavannes, and Bienne, the town developed a watch industry in the 19th century.

Rosselet et Challandes

See also Fabrique d'Ebauches de Sonceboz

The ebauche firm of Rosselet et Challandes is listed in Sonceboz starting in 1860 but it traces its history to 1846.

It is listed as Rosselet & Cie. in 1879 and Fabrique d'Ebauches Paul Robert-Rosselet in 1883. In 1886 it is simply called Fabrique d'Ebauches de Sonceboz. In 1894 the company added "appareilles electriques" to their offerings. The factory was using both hyrdaulic and electric power by 1900.

The factory joined Hora in Cortébert and Aurore of Villeret on June 7, 1927 to become Fabriques d’Ebauches Bernoises SA. This group joined Ebauches SA later that year.