TAG Heuer Calibre 16

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The TAG Heuer Calibre 16 is an automatic chronograph movement from TAG Heuer. It is based on the popular Valjoux 7750 and was introduced in 2005 with the re-launched TAG Heuer Carrera. The Calibre 16 was also used in the Link and Aquaracer.

Heuer had used the Valjoux 7750 since 1977 in various chronographs, including the Heuer Kentucky and Heuer Pasadena. These could also be considered part of the Calibre 16 family, though that name wasn't used until the re-launch in 2005.

Although TAG Heuer expected to phase out the Calibre 16 in favor of their own Seiko-based TAG Heuer Calibre 1887, supply of that movement was unable to meet demand so the company continues sourcing this movement from rival Swatch Group's ETA. In 2012, TAG Heuer began sourcing a 7750 clone from Sellita, the SW500. For this reason, contemporary Calibre 16 movements can come from either ETA or Sellita, though both are substantially the same as the original 7750.

As of 2013, TAG Heuer intends to phase out the Calibre 16 in favor of their own Calibre 1887 and Calibre 1969.

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