Werner Brandt

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Werner Brandt senior (1875-1959) was a Swiss industrialist.

Werner Brandt was born in 1875 and trained as a watchmaker in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Morat and Besançon.

He went to work for the Boillat Foundry in Reconvilier in 1903, where he rose from production manager in 1904 to authorized representative in 1917, managing director in 1930, and secretary of the board of directors from 1944 through his death in 1959.

Brandt was also a member of the management committee for the Banque Populaire Suisse branch in Tramelan from 1923 through 1926. After this he moved to the central management committee in Bern from 1930 to 1932.

He was selected as the director of ASUAG in 1934.

Werner Brandt died in 1959.