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André H. Schwarz (1924-1993) was an industrialist and heir to the Schwarz-Etienne family legacy. He inherited a variety of watchmaking businesses in La Chaux-de-Fonds from his father Herbert Schwarz and his uncles, including the eponymous business started by his grandfather, Paul Schwarz-Etienne.

André Schwarz was born about 1924. His father was Herbert Schwarz (1895-1955) and his mother was Hedwige Bachmann (1893-1966). He had one sister, Paulette Schwarz. André's middle initial was "H", and likely stood for "Herbert" like his father.

André's uncles Gaston and Henri took over Montres Astin, which was conveniently located in the same building as the family firm, Schwarz-Etienne, in May of 1944. This was used as a training ground for the next generation of the Schwarz family, with Gaston's son, also named Gaston, taking on the role of administrator in July of 1948 before the role was passed to André in September of 1950. Just 26 years old, André would remain connected to Astin until his death in 1993, becoming administrator under his widowed mother Hedwige and uncle Henri in February of 1956 and fully taking over the firm after her death in 1966 and his retirement a year earlier.

André re-incorporated Astin into a real estate company in 1969 and operated this through his move to Cressier, France until his death in 1993. His son Paul Schwarz was involved in Astin SA from 1983.

André settled in Cressier-sur-Morat and, through his meeting with Gonzague de Reynold, acquired the Château de Monsieur le Comte there. He devoted himself to the castle and the region, and became a member of the village government. André Schwarz loved writing and poetry and published a memoir entitled "Mes Temps Forts" ("My highlights").

He was involved in in watchmaking and professional organizations, and was president of the committee of the SPPM (Board union of watch producers). He was also chairman of the financial commission of the Caisse ALFA de l'industrie horlogère. He was also involved in the Armes-Réunies band in La Chaux-de-Fonds, serving as chairman, which was a family tradition.

He retired from most of his activities around 1983, with his son Paul-Herbert Schwarz taking on most of his work.

André Schwarz died on April 15, 1993 at the age of 69.