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Astin Watch Co. was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1926 and continued in operation for decades. It was later part of the Schwarz-Etienne family of watchmaking companies.

Cattin and Crevoisier

Compagnie des Montres Astin SA (Astin Wach Co.) was founded on January 15, 1926 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Originally capitalized at just 3,000 francs, Astin manufactured, handled, and sold watches. The sold administrator was Gaston Cattin of Le Noirmont. The office was originally located at Rue du Nord 172 but relocated to Rue du Parc 128 in June 1927. Although it the economy appeared to be improving in the mid 1920s, the depression caused major issues and Astin entered bankruptcy proceedings in November 1931.

Astin was able to continue operating through bankruptcy and management was changed on August 7 1936, with Gaston Cattin stepping down in favor of Charles Donzé. This new manager also stepped down just a few months later, with merchant André Bozonnat taking over on October 6. In August 1937 the company re-capitalized somewhat, increasing capital to 50,000 francs, as Maxime Crevoisier joined the board. The company also relocated to Avenue Léopold-Robert 94, home of Schwarz-Etienne. The company registered a new trademark logo for Astin in 1938 along with the palindrome Nitsa. Gilberte Amez-Droz joined as a manager of the firm in September 1939 but was removed just two months later. In July 1941 André Bozonnat became a director as Gilberte Amez-Droz was again made authorized representative. Théodore-Henri Capra replaced Maxime Crevoisier in May 1942.


Astin was taken over by the Schwarz-Etienne family, which which they already shared an office, in May of 1944. Henri Schwarz took over from Théodore-Henri Capra as chairman while his brother Gaston Schwarz replaced André Bozonnat as director. Gilberte Amez-Droz remained with the company. Gaston Schwarz handed over his role as director to Marguerite Brandt on September 25, 1946. Gaston's son, also named Gaston Schwarz, replaced Gilberte Amez-Droz as authorized representative in July 1948, but this role was passed on to cousin André Schwarz in September 1950. Hedwige Schwarz (widow of Herbert Schwarz) became chair of the board in February 1956, with André becoming administrator. The company also registered the Austin brand that year. In November 1958 Marguerite Brandt was removed from the board, leaving André Schwarz in as administrator under his uncle Henri and Hedwige. Henri Schwarz retired in March 1965 while Hedwige died by 1966, leaving André solely in charge.

Montres Astin was re-incorporated as a real estate company called Astin SA on October 6, 1969. The company continued in operation through the 1970s, with André's son Paul Schwarz joining as administrator in March 1983. The company moved to France in 1987 and was liquidated in 2011. André Schwarz had died in 1993.

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