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Reverso One is a line of Jaeger-LeCoultre Women's Reverso watches launched in 2016.


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso line is long and complicated, with the variety of case, dial, complication, and name options exploding after the company re-launched it in the 1980s. After the majority of Reverso watches adopted the "Grande Taille" case in the 1990s, the company launched an even larger Grande Reverso/XGT range, then the Squadra, Gran'Sport, ladies options, and complicated models. After 2011, the company began paring back the sport models to focus on more classic heritage pieces.

As the 85th anniversary of the Reverso line approached in 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre cleaned house. Now, the heritage pieces would be moved to the Reverso Tribute brand, a new line of Reverso One women's watches was added, and the majority of new concepts would be called Reverso Classic.

While the Tribute and Classic ranges tend to stick to the classic 1.6:1 case dimensions, the Reverso One range is closer to 2:0, giving the watch a narrow look more in line with ladies offerings from other brands. This case design differentiates all Reverso One models from the rest of the range, including the women's models in the Reverso Classic lineup.


The Reverso One model range was announced in 2016 with a simple Reverso One, Ref. 328 model in a 40 x 20 mm case. Along with the Reverso Classic Medium Duetto announced at the same time, these models replaced the popular Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin.

Those wanting a smaller watch had the Reverso One Réédition, Ref. 325 and Reverso One Cordonnet, Ref. 326 in a small 32.5 x 16.3 mm case. Along with the Reverso Classic Small Duetto, these replaced the Reverso Lady in the company's lineup.

These were all quartz movement models, but the line was rounded out with the hand winding Reverso One Duetto Moon Ref. 335 in the larger 40 mm Reverso One case.

In 2017, a line of Jewelry models was introduced in a mid-sized 36.3 x 18 mm case with a hand-winding movement. The basic Reverso One had been delayed slightly but was available for sale that year as well. In 2019, a less-expensive version of the Duetto was launched without the moon phase but with a similar hand-winding movement.

Additionally, the Reverso Classic line includes both Small (34.2 x 21 mm hand-winding) and Medium (40.1 x 24.4 quartz) Duetto models. Both use different cases and feature different dial designs than Reverso One models. As of 2019, Jaeger-LeCoultre has not introduced a dual time zone Duetto Duo or Duoface model for ladies.