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Template:File Template:File Template:File Template:File Grande Reverso (and Reverso Grande) is a line of large watches by Jaeger-LeCoultre in the Reverso family.


The classic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso measured 36 x 22 mm, approximating the Golden Ratio of 1.6:1. In 1991, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a larger Reverso case, named "Grande Taille" for "large size" for its 42 x 26 mm case. This would soon become the most-common case size for Reverso watches, but even it was not large enough for complications and modern tastes. The 2002 release of the Reverso 70ème brought an even-larger 46.5 x 29 mm case which would soon come to be known as "Extra Grande Taille" ("XGT") or simply "Reverso Grande". Later models were named "Grande Reverso" and came in an even-larger 48.5 x 30 mm case or a slimmer 46.8 x 27.4 mm case.

There are essentially four "Grande" sizes of Reverso watches larger than the Grande Taille in this period:

The ultimate Reverso Grande, and perhaps the ultimate Reverso, was launched in 2006, the Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque, in a massive 55 x 37.7 mm case.


The first "XGT" Reverso was the 2002 Reverso 70ème. The new 46.5 x 29 mm case it used would be the basis for a proliferation of models using the "Reverso Grande" name. The Grande family began in 2003 with the Reverso Grande Automatique, Ref. 303, Reverso Grande 8 Days, Ref. 301, and Reverso Grande Date, Ref. 300. Soon after, the Reverso Grande GMT and rare Reverso Grande Sun Moon, Ref. 304 were added.

An even-larger "Grande Reverso" case followed in the 2010s. Measuring 48.5 x 30, this case first appeared in the limited-edition Grande Reverso Duo Date 986, Ref. 374 of 2009. The next year, the unlimited Grande Reverso 976, Ref. 373 was launched. It was joined in 2012 by the Grande Reverso Calendar, Ref. 375. An unlimited version of the Duo Date, now called Grande Reverso Duo/Duoface "Night & Day", was launched the next year.

A smaller Grande Reverso Lady line was also created in 2011 with a 40 x 24 mm case.

The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin line was also launched in 2011. It used a 46.8 x 27.4 mm case, somewhat narrower than the original XGT but still close in size and name. The 2014 Grande Reverso Night & Day, Ref. 380 was the first "thick" watch to use the "Ultra Thin" case size thanks to the Cal. 967B automatic movement. The next year, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Grande Reverso 1931 Seconde Centrale, Ref. 381 which appeared similar to other Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 models but also used this thicker case thanks to the Cal. 966A movement.

The Grande Reverso line was phased out in the mid 2010s with the new Reverso Classic Large and Reverso Tribute models now designated as the largest Reverso.


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