René Aellen

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René Aellen was a watchmaking executive who worked for Martel Watch in the 1960s and Vulcain in the 1970s.

René Aellen came from Saanen in Canton Berne but lived in Ponts-de-Martel once he was given power of attorney for the Martel Watch company in 1962. The company was under the ownership of Zénith by this point and Henri Thiébaud joined the board at the same time, replacing Pierre Hainard.

Aellen was removed from Martel management in October 1965 but joined the board of parent company Zénith in November of that year.

René Aellen became a director of Fabriques Vulcain et Studio in September 1970. He remained there until March 1982 when he was replaced by Arthur Diehr-Straumann.