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Henri Thiébaud served on the board of Martel and Zenith in the 1960s and may be the same as Henri Gustave Thiebaud of Gruen and Frey & Co.

It is unclear of Henri Thiébaud of Buttes is the same person as Henri Thiébaud of Brot-Dessous. These villages are located on opposite ends of the Val-de-Travers but are less than 20 km apart. Brot-Dessous is particularly close to Ponts-de-Martel, home of Martel Watch Co and Le Locle, home of Zenith, is only a short distance to the north. Although it is likely that these were the same person, it is also possible that two different men of the same name, and coming from the same valley, were involved in the companies listed here. Both men apparently also lived in Saint-Blaise, a municipality along the lake shore just east of Neuchâtel, later in their lives.

1936 Henri Thiébaud and Arnold Thiébaud enter service at the Martel Watch Co.

Charles Henri Thiébaud of Brot-Dessous

Charles Henri Thiébaud of Brot-Dessous is noted in a 1938 filing to have transferred his watch glass manufacturing operation from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Bienne. It appears that he was commonly known as Charles Thiébaud.

Alfred-Henri Thiébaud, also of Brot-Dessous, was made a director of Machines Dixi in 1941.

Henri Thiébaud of Martel

In February 1961, Henri Thiébaud (along with Arnold Thiébaud, Charles Vermot and others) celebrated 25 years of service at the Martel Watch Co. as part of the company's 50th anniversary. This suggests that Henri split his time between Martel and Gruen or that these were two different men.

On December 30, 1961, Henri Thiébaud of Buttes, who lived in Saint-Blaise in Canton Neuchâtel, was appointed administrator of Zénith, which had recently purchased Martel Watch Co. This happened alongside Aurèle Maire, grandson of Martel Watch Co founder Georges Pellaton-Steudler and brother of Martel technical director Robert Maire. Maire came from Ponts-de-Martel and Brot-Dessous but lived in Bienne at this time, and was named technical director. The coincidences between Henri Thiébaud and Aurèle Maire's biography strongly suggests that Thiébaud was the same man who worked for Gruen, Frey, Martel, and Zénith.

On October 15, 1962, Henri Thiébaud of Brot-Dessous, who lived in Saint-Blaise, was appointed administrator of Martel Watch Co, which was owned by Zenith, replacing Jean-Pierre Hainard. This was the same meeting that saw René Aellen join management and Georges Pellaton-Rickli give up his role as vice president in favor of his brother, Raoul Pellaton. Thiébaud shares joint signing power with Pellaton-Rickli, son of the founder, and is thus a very high-level manager of the firm.

Connecting These Men

On June 23, 1969, Henri Thiébaud, chairman of Uhrenfabrik Frey, is noted as living in Saint-Blaise as managing director Aurèle Maire is noted to have moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds. The close connection between Thiébaud of Martel, Zenith, and Frey, and their work with Maire, suggest that they are the same.

Henri Thiébaud is removed from the board of Manufacture des Montres Zenith SA on July 3, 1972, as the company has been integrated into Zenith Time as part of Zenith Radio Company.