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Zila Watch was a Swiss watch company located in La Heutte in the district of Courtelary from the 1920s through the 1970s. The company sold watches under the Zila, Nacar, and Hislon brands.

Zila Watch Co. SA was founded in La Heutte in the district of Courtelary in 1918. The town was so small (400 residents) that the company often advertised that it was located "near Bienne".

The company first produced round and shaped watches for the American market with their own shaped small seconds movements. By 1931, Zila was producing a rectangular 4.75 ligne movement with small seconds as well as a large 10.5 ligne 8-day movement. A smaller 6.75 ligne 8-day movement was added by 1932. A 8/75x12 ligne movement was added by 1934. By 1947, Zila offered a range of wristwatches and pocket watches and also supplied movements to other companies.

By 1954, Zila (now called Zila Watch Co. Ltd.) added the Hislon and Irocal brands. The company also offered an alarm watch known as Belltone and waterproof watches called Watermaster. The new slogan was "reliable Swiss quality watches."

The Nacar brand appears by 1961, with Always used in 1968. Zila watches remained in production at least through 1977.