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See Also: Nivarox-FAR, the successor company established in 1984

Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies (commonly abbreviated FAR) was a holding company for makers of assortments established in 1932 within ASUAG. It was merged with Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies, Fabriques de Spiraux Réunies, and Nivarox to become Nivarox-FAR in 1984.


The Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies (FAR) Société Anonyme was established officially on September 5, 1932. It was located in Neuchâtel on Rue Girardet 60, which remains the headquarters of the successor company Nivarox-FAR within the Swatch Group. It was a holding company established with initial share capital of 6 million francs and was entirely funded and owned by ASUAG.

FAR was headquartered in Le Locle, which was home to the majority of balance and escapement makers and assortiment houses at the time. The initial components represented most of the industry: G. Perrenoud, La Concorde, Stella, and Pierrehumbert Frères of Le Locle, Meier & Giroud and A. von Weissenfluh of Bienne, Gallay of Le Sentier, and Egger & Girod of Reconvilier. Representatives from each company, major watchmaking companies La Champagne and Election, as well as a banker and ASUAG, made up the initial Board of Directors:

Initial FAR Branches

The first action of FAR was to take over each of the companies as official branches. Le Sentier and Bienne were established on November 16, 1933 and each also listed 6 million francs of capital, though it is likely that this is the same amount as the primary FAR branch in Neuchâtel and was also held by ASUAG.

Later Expansion of FAR

FAR was expanded in later years to incorporate more makers of assortiments, as well as gauges and associated tools which were often produced by the same factories.

Jauges Cary was a brand of precise pin, ring, and block gauges used especially by makers of assortiments, pinions, and ebauches. The origins of the company and brand are unclear, with both G. Perrenoud/Dixi (in Le Locle) and Gallay (in Le Sentier) using the name in advertisements in the 1920s prior to the creation of FAR. But "Branch J" of FAR was established in Le Locle at Rue de la Concorde 31, adjacent to Branch B, Branch G, and Branch M.

FAR Branches

Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies was a holding company for a large number of smaller firms. Unlike FSR, which named these branches after the town in which they were located, FAR gave a unique letter for each branch. This lead to a proliferation of lettered branches and filings, even in their home town of Le Locle.

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