Fabrique d'Ebauches de Peseux

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Fabrique d'ebauches de Peseux, S.A., commonly known as Peseux for the Neuchâtel locale in which it is located, was an ebauche maker dating to 1923. The company was founded by Charles Bernese and was incorporated into Ebauches S.A. in 1933 as part of the overall industry restructuring at that time. It remained independent within Ebauches, however, producing calibres for many watchmakers. Peseux was consolidated into the larger ETA conglomerate in 1985, with ebauche production moved to Grenchen.

One of the best-known Peseux calibres was the hand-winding chronometer movement, Peseux 260. It was used by many high-end brands and was quite capable at chronometry competitions. Another well-known product is Calibre 7001, an ultra-thin hand-wound movement introduced in 1971 and still produced today.