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Louis Huguenin (1869-1940) was director of an assortiment factory in Le Locle and was active in Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies and ASUAG.

Louis Huguenin Senior

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Louis Huguenin was born in 1869 in Le Locle into a family of watchmakers. He attended primary school there before taking a watchmaking course at the School of Watchmaking in Solothurn. He went to work for his father's firm in 1885.

His father, Charles-Louis Huguenin, ran the family watchmaking firm. Founded in 1850, he produced assortiments and lever escapements at Rue du Progrès 59 in Le Locle. After his death in 1885, Charles-Louis' widow Sophie took over management of the company until their sons were old enough.

In May 1892, after his father passed away, Louis and his brother Charles took over the family business. Officially called Chs et Ls Huguenin, it was commonly called Fabrique d'Assortiments pour Echappements à Ancres. Under their leadership, the company, founded in 1850, acquired a well-deserved reputation and became the largest such factory in Le Locle. It was later known by the brand name "La Concorde".

But Louis Huguenin's contributions to the watchmaking industry extended far beyond his own company. He was one of the first to recognize that the general interest of the watchmaking industry demanded that everyone give up part of their freedom for the benefit of the profession as a whole. He was a driving force behind the setting up of watchmaking organizations, leading to the conclusion of agreements and the constitution of ASUAG, where joined the management committee.

Louis Huguenin played an active role in all of these movements, founding the watchmaking employers' association of the District of Le Locle, serving as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies, Vice-Chairman of the UBAH, and member of the Board of Directors of ASUAG.

Huguenin also took part in public affairs, sitting on the General Council from 1906 to 1912 and serving on the school board for 13 years.

Huguenin died on April 4, 1940 after a long illness. He was survived by his wife, Madame Huguenin-Gugelmann, and his children Louis Huguenin-Jeanneret, Willy Huguenin-Perret, Mrs. Willy Berthoud-Huguenin. He was eulogized by UBAH and FAR as well.

Louis Huguenin-Jeanneret

Louis Huguenin was born in 1894 and followed in his father's footsteps. He began his professional activity in July 1914 working under his father at La Concorde, later taking over management with his brother. He became vice-chairman of the Board of Directors in 1952, and was deeply involved in the FAR. He was the primary manager for FAR Factory B, and remained hard at work in the industry for 51 years.

Huguenin was also president of Monlogis SA, a construction company, and contributed to the housing development of Le Locle.

When Nivarox SA was formed to exploit the work of Reinhard Straumann in 1937, Louis Huguenin-Jeanneret became the founding secretary of the board, serving with Georges Perrenoud, Ernest Dubois, Paul Renggli, and Straumann himself. He remained in this position on the board for decades, outliving all of the other members. He remained at Nivarox SA until June 1972, 35 years after its founding.

Louis Huguenin retired in 1965 and settled on the shores of Lake Geneva, though he remained involved in the industry. He was also President of the Development Association of Le Locle. Louis Huguenin resigned from Fabrique Nationale de Ressorts in 1972 and Fabriques de Spiraux Réunies in 1974.

Louis Huguenin-Jeanneret died on December 21, 1973, the day before Georges Favre, heir to Le Locle's Zenith. His son, Charles-Louis Huguenin, was also involved in watchmaking.

Charles-Louis Huguenin