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Robert-Henri Guye-Jacquet (1895-1941) was a watchmaker from Ponts-de-Martel.

Robert-Henri Guye was born in 1895 in Les Verrières in the Val-de-Travers. He was likely related to the family that started Guye Frères. He graduated from the Technicum in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1916 with a certificate in scientific studies. Guye moved to Ponts-de-Martel by the 1920s, suggesting a connection to watchmaker Albert Guye who was a partner in both Mathey-Tissot and Martel Watch Co. there. Robert Guye married the daughter of Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin, maker of watch balances, by 1921, and was also employed by her father at this time.

Both Robert Guye and his wife were made directors of the firm S. Jaquet-Huguenin of Ponts-de-Martel in 1928 along with Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin and his wife, and the wife of Samuel Emery-Jaquet and Hélène Jaquet (daughters). He served as an administrator of the company along with Samuel Emery. Robert Guye succeeded his father in law as manager of the business.

As industry consolidation took hold in the 1920s and 1930s, Robert Guye became a leader in Les Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies. This Société Anonyme would come to operate most makers of watch balances and would be a key component of ASUAG. Robert Guye was vice president of FBR on its founding on November 7, 1932, second only to banker Ernst Scherz. Other members included banker Hans Bächler and watchmakers Georges Schaeren, Albert Juillard, Sydney de Coulon (representing ASUAG), Maurico Vaucher, Maurice Favre, Romano Sieber, and Emilo Vogel. The organization was located at Rue des Promenades 98 in Les Ponts-de-Martel. Guye was a founding director of ASUAG in 1931 representing balance makers and was also a director of UBAH in 1933, and was director of FBR in 1938.

Robert Guye and Camille Flotron were killed when their car was hit by a train in La Chaux-de-Fonds on May 7, 1941. He was survived by his wife and son, Roger Guye-Jaquet, Albert Guye-Bader and his wife, Marc Jaquet-Marcassi and his wife and daughter May, Samuel Guye-Pellaton and his wife and sons Jean-Jacques and Reymond, Jeanne Guye, Hélène Guye, Simon Emery-Jaquet and his wife and son Jean-Pierre, Hélène Jaquet, and Paul Guye and his family.