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S. Jaquet-Huguenin was a maker of compensated balances in Ponts-de-Martel from 1848. Closely associated with founder Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud, his successor Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin, and his son-in-law and successor Robert Guye, the firm was incorporated into Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies (FBR) under his direction.

Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud

The company was founded in 1848 or 1850 by Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud in La Sagne. He produced balances for the various escapement makers in the community. By 1854, Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud was producing complete anchor escapements on Rue Verger 24 in Le Locle, moving to Rue de France 181 and bringing more people into the firm in 1855.

A similarly-named company was officially registered as Huguenin, Thiébaud et Cie. on June 5, 1852, with Auguste-Frédéric Huguenin, Louis Thiébaud, and Ami Gabus; this firm was pronounced bankrupt on February 11, 1856, with Auguste-Frédéric Huguenin personaly bankrupt as well. The company was now known as Huguenin-Thiébaud et Cie, and we see it listed as Justin Huguenin-Thiébaud at Verger 8 in 1859 and William Huguenin-Thiébaud at the same address in 1860 before moving to Quartier-Neuf 21 in 1865.

Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud appears to have set up a new shop in Ponts-de-Martel in 1869 to produce compensated balances. William continued in Le Locle, producing anchor escapements, even after Constant left to focus on balances, suggesting that the family firm was split. There were a few different firms in Ponts-de-Martel producing compensated balances for the complicated movement makers there and in Le Locle, including B.-Alfred Bertholet, Alfred Huguenin et Frère, Eugene Huguenin-Aellen, and others. It is likely that Constant was supplying William in Le Locle, who was becoming a major producer of anchor escapements ("assortiments") in the 1880s and even established a branch in Bienne. William's firm was modified by 1892 to become Huguenin & Schumacher. Officially listed as the successor to W. Huguenin-Thiebaud, it listed an establishment date of 1850.

Huguenin-Thiébaud Fils and Huguenin & Jaquet

In Les Ponts-de-Martel, Constant Huguenin-Thiébaud brought in his sons, renaming the company Huguenin-Thiébaud, Ct & Fils by 1886.

One newcomer to the firm was Charles-Samuel Jaquet (1870-1926). Born a short distance away in the village of la Sagne in 1870, he was the son of Jules Jaquet. Known as Samuel, he married a Huguenin (likely a daughter of Constant) and was known after this as Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin.

Constant himself died on August 28, 1905, with the company becoming known as Huguenin & Jaquet. The new management was Alfred Huguenin-Dumittan and Charles-Samuel Jaquet. Samuel Chappuis-Bühler joined management on May 30, 1907.

S. Jaquet-Huguenin

The firm was officially renamed S. Jaquet-Huguenin on October 25, 1916. Jules-Samuel Chappuis was removed from management at this time.

Robert-Henri Guye (1895-1941) married the daughter of Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin. He was made a director of the firm on September 17, 1918 and would succeed his father in law as manager. On July 24, 1923, local Samuel's other son-in-law, technician Samuel Emery, joined the company.

After the death of Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin on November 19, 1926, the company was reorganized as a Société Anonyme. The new firm, called S. Jaquet-Huguenin SA, was officially initiated on February 3, 1928. Capitalized at 100,000 francs, the firm paid out the the founding family, the widow of Samuel Jaquet-Huguenin, and their daughters Mrs. Robert Guye-Jaquet (wife of the new manager), Mrs. Samuel Emery-Jaquet (wife of the other manager), and Mrs. Hélène Jaquet. Directors of the new company were Robert Guye and Samuel Emery.

Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies

Robert Guye was instrumental in setting up Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies (FBR), establishing the organization in Ponts-de-Martel. On November 28, 1933, S. Jaquet-Huguenin SA was merged into Fabriques de Balanciers Réunies and liquidated.

Robert Guye was killed when his car was hit by a train in La Chaux-de-Fonds on May 7, 1941.

The firm continued in operation as part of FBR for many years, and was still known colloquially as Jaquet-Huguenin when it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1948.